Friday, September 18, 2015

Been SOOOOO long!!

Wow! What can I say?! It's been a busy few years since I started this business, and this blog. Basically everything I put out there, I use my Facebook Page for. But it seems like Facebook limits the views on our posts SO MUCH, that it's practically pointless these days. I dunno....

So what's been going on?! Let me see if I can do an easy breakdown by MAJOR activities that have gone on since our last post. Bare with will be hard to elaborate most of it.

So let's start here....2013.  Dirt Dames started off with a BANG at the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series.  We met so many amazing people and had SO much fun doing the events! In May of 2013, I felt that I wanted to get my pre-baby body back, and part of that included putting the volume back to my breasts that I had lost while breastfeeding. Yes, this part of the story is important. Crazy, I know.  Long story short, I met and scheduled my breast augmentation and lift with Dr. Stuart Kincaid in Temecula, CA.  I won't bore you with the details, but I ended up with implants that were 160 cc's more than what I wanted. And I basically looked like frankenstein. Lucky for me, I was ON facebook and saw a Casting Post from Evolution Media that was REPOSTED by Tamra Judge, for a show about wanting plastic surgery, OR wanting bad surgery corrected. It was like God just led me right to it.  I immediately applied for it. And had a response back really quickly. Had you seen the photos I sent, you would have known why.  I was cast for the show Botched, and well, if you saw it then you know the details. For those of you who don't, watch the video.  I had the worst case of "synmastia" that Dr. Dubrow had ever seen. The muscle had completely been cut off of my sternum. It was horrific. And the guilt that I felt, knowing that this was a result of a choice I made, a choice that I had struggled with until the second I went under anesthesia.....was even worse than the disgusting results.
Dr. Dubrow performed 2 surgeries. 1 to remove the implants and stitch my muscle back down to the chest wall and rib cage. And a 2nd to clean up the scars, and replace the implants.  Most people ask if the 2nd surgery was necessary, YES it was.  The original surgery had removed so much tissue from one breast, it looked like a tennis ball had been cut out of my breast. I just wanted to look "normal"....

That takes us to the wrap of my episode, 4/2014. My reveal!


Since the first surgery, I have had SO many health issues that I did NOT have before the breast augmentation.  Which led to me being diagnosed with fibromyalgia FROM the surgery.

So. Fast forward to now. I've been battling Fibromyalgia. I have taught myself to sew in the last 9 months, and have started a children's clothing line, called Little Dukes and Dames.

The hope was that the children's line would take pressure off of me being sick, because I design the clothing and my mother makes them.  But it seems that my custom bikini orders are still on my plate.

And now I have to re-learn my life, with this invisible disease.  It consumes me.  Most days, I can't even think straight. Let alone sew. And let's not forget, I am still a stay at home mom, to my handsome 3 year old Gunnar.  I truly don't get a break for anything!

So now that I've caught you all up, comment and let me know what you want to know about? Want more details on filming? What it's like? What are the dr's really like off camera? Comment and let me know! I'm all about splling a bit of tea! <3

Monday, January 21, 2013

South Point 250, Vegas {January 2013}


That's pretty much the first thing that comes to mind, when I think back to the events of the South Point 250 in Jean, Nevada a few weekends ago. was freezing.  Literally.

Dohrman Family Racing set up with their new Class 1 car, for it's very first race of our season.  Next to us, we had Bill Belansky's team Kryptonight Industries Racing.  Both sponsored teams of Dirt Dames.  The morning of the race, all cooling fluids had been frozen overnight.  Remember? I said it was FREEZING??  Took DFR about an hour and a half of dumping boiling water into the radiator to get the car started, and fluids moving......the race was flawless.  Not even a flat tire for us.  My husband, Dave Jenkins, started the race with our Uncle, Jeff Dohrman (and the guy that writes the checks :)) as his co-driver.  They did the first half of the race, then switched to Chad Dohrman, with his co-driver, Justin Dohrman.  Who finished the race, taking 3rd place.
Gunnar & Daddy, Race Morning
At Contingency, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas

Kryptonight Industries, well, they didn't have such the luck we did.  Their motor blew up 1/4 mile from the start line.  UGH.  But the truck looked good!!!!

 Looking forward to all the wonderful things to come this year! Thanks to everyone who helps us get by each race, and for making it possible for us to do what we love!  <3
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

M.O.R.E. Powder Puff - Race For The Cure 2012

So this past weekend was the annual Powder Puff race put on by M.O.R.E. to raise $$ to save the tatas!  Hubby, myself, Gunnar and the two pitbulls loaded up in the motor home and took the short trek to Barstow for the festivities.

We camped with Bill Belansky of P.C.E.C. Racing, and their family & friends.  His wife Loreen & daughter in law Jill raced on Saturday; WITH the newest PINK Double D's might I add. And they took 2nd place for their class.....AFTER taking a pee break on lap 3!  Pretty impressive!  

We will most DEFINITELY do Powder Puff much bigger with Dirt Dames next year.  And giving the Belansky ladies more support, after all, they ARE my first Official Dirt Dames!  Thanks for supporting me, and thanks for getting Double D's a win! Can't wait to do it again! <3

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's a Dirt Dame?

Good question. 

My name is Alicia.  Married to Dohrman Family Racing driver, David Jenkins. 

Mother to the cutest little man ever, Gunnar.  

And owner of the coolest pitbulls, Ruger & Trixie.

What is Dirt Dames?? 
Well, after the first race after Gunnar was born,  I remember thinking, contingency used to be one of my favorite parts of the races.  But there isn't anything SPECIFICALLY for me?  I'm a wife. I work hard to make sure everything is bought, cooked, cleaned and loaded to get out to the races.  And now I have a kid to tote with me.....I want something of MY own! Something geared towards the things I like...besides off-road racing.  Things like vintage photos. Tattoos. Tough chicks. Old school.  Kind of like a "real housewives" kinda thing.  Where it wasn't a competition. Or a gossip fest.  But just something everyone could enjoy. Something to CELEBRATE the women who support the industry.  The name didn't come until I was talking with my tattoo artist, Lil C.  Who came up with the name, and a bunch of super rad ideas.  And it all came to light.  The name, couldn't be ANYTHING other than Dirt Dames.  Completely different.  And for those of you who don't know what a "Dame" is, here's some knowledge for ya.  


initial capital letter (in Britain)
the official title of a female member of the Order of theBritish Empire, equivalent to that of a knight.
the official title of the wife of a knight or baronet.
(formerly) a form of address to any woman of rank or authority.
a matronly woman of advanced age; matron.
Slang: Sometimes Offensive a woman; female.
Ecclesiastical a title of a nun in certain orders.

HA HA! So we DEFINITELY aren't#1, OR #5. COULD be #4 at get the picture.  Anyhow.  If you like cool tattoos.  Vintage flicks. Off-road racing.  And a little foul language here and there.....or....MOST of the time, lol.....keep sharing the love!  '

Are you a Dirt Dame?? Well, if you go to the off-road races, YOU'RE a Dirt Dame.  If your spouse, brother, sister, mother, father, cousin twice removed, is into off-road events, YOU'RE a Dirt Dame.  If you're like me, and your husband races, and you tote your family to every off-road event, YOU'RE a Dirt Dame.  If you, YOURSELF, take part in anything DIRT related, YOU'RE a Dirt Dame!  Any questions??

Share our page, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, yadda yadda yadda!  

New Clothing designs are always in the works!!!!  Get yourself some Double D's!!!!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

So this is it!

The creation of Dirt Dames. 8/31/12. Came to light in a vintage tattoo parlor, filled with good friends and good laughter.

Hope y'all are ready.......
Let the FUN begin!!!!
Lil c's vintage tattoo, Dirt Dames, RAD